June 25-29
What Is MANWEALTH Immersion?
MANWEALTH Immersion is a 4-Day experience that teaches you the art and science of true wealth and prosperity. True Wealth and Prosperity is having unlimited power, financial abundance, physical health and deep connected meaningful relationships with wife and family. It's unlike anything you've ever experienced unless you've played professional sports or been in the military. 

What would it feel like if you could remove the obstacles and blocks that hold you back from showing up as a husband and father while exploding and accelerating the building of your financial empire? 

So few men enjoy real Prosperity, which is the way of living where a man thrives and prospers in his business with predictable and sustainable income, where his health and fitness fuel his power and energy, where he lives a mission and purpose driven life, and the cornerstone of his empire is his family. 

Are you ready to experience Real Wealth and Prosperity as a man?
Who Is Setema Gali?
Setema is a Master Coach - the world's greatest performance coach for highly committed men. He is a former Super Bowl champion and played professional football for the New England Patriots. He has been personally coached by two of the greatest football coaches of all time in Bill Belichick and LaVell Edwards. 

He has studied with, worked with and trained with the most elite business and performance coaches in the world. He is the best-selling author of two books - "Winning After The Game" and "The Mind Of A Champion." Most importantly for you, Setema is the Leader and Founder of the MANWEALTH. 
The Curriculum - What You'll Get
Model 1: Power Relating
 Power Relating
How To Confront Your Relationship Issues & Reignite Passion & Trust.
Power Relating is a set of language and communication tools that will give you the clarity, certainty and approach you need have the most powerful conversation of your life with your wife or girlfriend. Are things screwed up in your marriage? Have you lost the passion, friendship and trust that you once had? Are you roommates living under the same roof instead of lovers and friends? If so, this model will change your life. 
You'll Learn How To:
  •  Say what's really going on in your mind and heart.
  •  Ask powerfully for what you really want in your marriage and relationships.
  •  Speak with power so that others will listen and respect you.
  •  Ask questions that others will respond to honestly and positively.
  •  Listen without judgement so others will naturally trust you.
  •  Release the blame and anger that's been building up for so many years.
  •  Speak with love and vulnerability again even after bitter fights or hurt.
Many men leave Immersion and later come back to tell me that this model alone saved their marriage. And it's not just for talking to your wife. The same tools will break down the walls between you and your teenage children, your father, your brother or anyone else who you love but currently cannot communicate with. If your marriage or family are on the brink, this model alone will be 100 times the cost of tuition.
Model 2: Power Selling
 Power Selling
How To Close Any Deal, Especially High-Ticket Deals Without Chasing, Negotiating or Being Pushy
Power Selling teaches you the how to immediately take the alpha position in every business conversation, no matter who you're speaking to. It is the exact system I use to contact, influence and close high ticket coaching sales from $10K to well over $250K. 
You'll Learn How To:
  •  Feel 100% confidence and power - even when cold calling or networking.
  •  Have people naturally trust you and follow your lead in conversations.
  •  Position yourself for massive success before the conversation even starts.
  •  Control conversations so prospects want to work with you without being "sold." 
  •  Ask for and get exactly what you're worth and have nothing about it.
  •  Know in the first 3 minutes of a conversation if someone is going to close.
  •  Double the amount you close ever month with less work and zero stress.
We'll teach, role play and master the exact "straight-line" selling strategies I use break down objections and excuses without ever coming off as weak, needy or pushy. Most importantly, with this model, you'll know exactly how to get people to say "YES" to you when you make a powerful request for money.
Model 3: Power Positioning
 Power Positioning
How To Market Yourself To Make Sales 10 Times Easier
Power Positioning will move you out of the crowd and straight to the top of your market.  Instead of marketing to "get more leads", you'll do what the pro's do: use your marketing to get people to want to say "Yes" to you before they ever get on the phone or show up for the appointment. 
You'll Learn How To:
  •  Use video, images and social media to position yourself like a celebrity.
  •  Communicate your message so naturally that nobody ever knows your selling.
  •  Use stories, experiences and analogies to bypass your markets defenses.
  •  Use polarity to split your market and "un-attract" clients who are not going to close.
  •  Establish the "rules of engagement" that put you in the power seat.
  •  Easily and kindly disqualify people who aren't worth spending time with.
  •  Be the alpha in your industry without anger, ego or being a jerk.
The secret to this high-level persuasion is all in how you communicate your message. If your marketing positions you like a salesman, nobody will ever want to talk to you. If it positions you as a nice, smart, helpful guy, people waste your time getting information but they'll always stop short of cutting you a check. Power Positioning shows you how to become the "Celebrity Expert Authority" in you industry. The dominant alpha that people want to work with, seek out and refer their friends and family to. 

Model 4: Power Team Building
 Power Team Building
How To Build, Train & Retain A World-Class Team
Power Team Building gives you the exact techniques, steps and scripts you'll need to finally get out of the "producer" grind and start operating your business as an "owner." Are you tired of being the only one in your company that you can count on to get the job done? Does it seem like production stops and chaos ensues every time you take a day off? Power Team Building will help you grow your business while actually working less.
You'll Learn How To:
  •  Recruit people to your values, vision and work ethic, not just a job.
  •  Get new-hires moving and producing within days of coming on board.
  •  Build true leadership so you can count on your team when you're gone.
  •  Quickly expose personalities or character flaws in people who just don't fit.
  •  Get quick buy-in to the company culture so your top performers want to stay.
  •  Attract highly qualified candidates who are dependable and hard working.
  •  Train your team to take responsibility, ask smart questions and solve problems.
This is the exact system I learned from Coach Bill Belichick when I played pro football for the New England Patriots. It's the same system powerhouse football programs like Alabama and Clemson use to get top recruiting classes ever year. It's also the exact system I used to recruit an elite sales team in the door-to-door sales industry and the exact system I use to create my team today. If you want to "own" your business rather than be it's slave, this system flat out works. 
The Experience - What You're Really Getting
 16+ Hours of Elite Level Video Training
Rapid Assimilation Of Information & Systems
Your perspective dictates everything. Inside of the MANWEALTH Underground you'll receive 5 distinct high level training modules that allow you to challenge, question and upgrade your current paradigm.  Without this, nothing you read, try or attempt will work.

Perspective is mission critical to creating your greatest version of yourself and once you've gone through the 5 courses and completed the assignments, you'll have an entirely new lens by which you view yourself, which allows you to view the world in an entirely new light. The natural byproduct of this is results for you.

With these new insights, discoveries and information, you'll be armed and ready to take on the next step  of ultimate transformation inside of this game of Real Prosperity.
 3 Weeks of Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring
Radical Restructuring Of Beliefs & Behaviors
For 4 Straight Weeks Leading up to MANWEALTH Immersion, you and will receive high level coaching from Setema & Coach Nate to prepare you to experience breakdown, breakthrough and to go vertical during MANWEALTH Immersion. This is where the bonds of true "Fraternity" are forged amongst the group. 

After each module you'll implement the necessary required information into practical living. The group conversations with Setema & Coach Nate will help you to get to the root of why you're avoiding and unwilling to confront. It will expose what's necessary and required for you to move forward. It will teach you to forever communicate in a way that brings power into your life.

Most men have said "the pre-training alone was worth many times over the investment even if I never came to the live event." That said, this is just the beginning of living powerfully for you. This is the practical application and implementation to help you get desired results.
4 Days Of Deep-Dive Immersion Training
 Complete Transformation Of Mind & Spirit
Information alone does not have the power to change a human being. This is why you arrive in Southern California for 4 days of intense deep dive experiential training.

This is not your normal "sit in a classroom for 4 days and take notes" type seminar. This is an advanced game of intense integration of information for transformation and true conversion. This is the living, working out, associating and breaking through to bring about desired clarity, power and radical results.

Immersion is designed to crush you physically, spiritually and emotionally. You will be pushed to your capacity and beyond. You cannot sit on the sidelines. You cannot hide. You cannot play it cool. We will break you. That's the point of coming. You will leave this event with the skills necessary to get the results you desire.

Imagine a life where you're able to powerfully and effectively communicate with anyone on any subject regardless of who the person is or what the subject is. You will have POWER to CREATE anything you desire.
The Fraternity Of Wealthy Men
Real Messages From Men Who Have Completed "IMMERSION"
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A Special Message From Setema
"When Did Lying Become Your Truth?"
"What if You Weaponized Your Body?"
"How Do You Want to Be Remembered?"
"What if You Died Today?"
"What is the Purpose of Life?"
"Why Dating Your Wife is Non-Negotiable and Gets You Paid?"
"What Destination Will You Arrive At Based 
on Your Daily Decisions?"
My Brother,

Thank you for being here on this page with me. Something has brought you here. Something has caused you to stay here and continue to watch the videos and read the messages. What is it brother? What is it in your heart and mind that is calling out to you? 

For most men, the call is this - to be a part of something great again. The call to get back something inside of you that you've lost. The call to thrive, to believe, to dream, to work, to sweat, to dominate, to WIN AGAIN. 

As powerful men, we are outcasts in our modern society. We're brought up as children and teenagers in a culture of sports, athletics, competition, challenges, hopes and dreams.... 

AND THEN...  The game is over. 

The lights go out. The crowd goes home. And we're left on our own to figure out what to do. So what do we do? Well, for a lot of men, the choice is to make your business your new game, your new challenge. And like a powerful competitor, you go win. You produce. You close deals. You create partnerships and you build your empire. 

But somewhere along the way, the victories become hollow. You look around and realize that even in the midst of all this work and sweat and grind... you're alone. You're still that same young man inside standing in the empty stadium of life wondering where everyone went. 

Desperate for connection. Desperate for meaning and purpose. Willing to work. Willing to sacrifice. Willing to connect and love, but somehow isolated and confused that there's no one to share it all with. 

What happened to your marriage brother? What happened to the sweetness and love? What happened to the time you spent reading your children books and helping them with their homework? What happened to the man who once knew the answers? What happened to the man people used to look up to? 

Brother, I've been right there at the bottom of that pit of isolation and numbness. I've been in that moment where everything hangs in the balance and life is going to go one way or the other. You're either going to figure this out and reclaim your power and certainty... or you're going to let go of the man you once you believed you were and give into the gravity of an average life. 

My final message for you right here on this page brother is this:


You are not alone in your struggle. You're not crazy. You're not losing it. You're not a loser, or a has-been or an absent father. You're just a powerful man in a modern world that doesn't have a place for you. 


That place is called MANWEALTH. Being a part of MANWEALTH is like going back to being a part of a championship team of brothers, competitors, winners and champions. It's the place where a man can come to once again be a man. Where you can challenge yourself in all aspects of your being - physically, relationally, spiritually and financially.

And most importantly, it's a place where you can do it surrounded by a group of like-minded brothers inside this Elite Fraternity Of Wealthy Men. Brothers who will accept you without judgement and at the same time push you to your limits without buying your stories. 



Brother, it's all right here waiting for you. You only have to choose. Choose to never give up on creating the life you truly want. Choose to not give up on your family and children. Choose to no longer walk around aimlessly in the life you have right now. 

Most of all brother - choose to ask for the help you need. The truth is this:


You're not going to just figure this all out in your mind. You need examples, mentors, friends, associates, and brothers to help you. The pace of progression when you work on you own is like trying to jog uphill on a dirt road in the rain. 

Joining MANWEALTH is like coming in out of the rain and joining an elite group of athletes inside a modern training facility where everything is tracked, measured and optimized. Where are all the systems and science of power & progression are taught, exercised and lived every single day. 

Don't stay out there on that wet, muddy road just jogging along at a snails pace and pretending that the world isn't seeing it. Your'e children see it. Your wife sees it. Your employees and partners see it. Your clients see it. 


Come see what life is like when you run with champions. When you surround yourself with powerful men who, just like you, are committed to living with honesty, integrity, power and legacy in ever area of their life. 







With love and honor, 
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